cross mind correlation (CMC)

did u ever think bout what cross ur mind, lately
I admit its my mistake,truly

I’m really sorry to myself,
the ‘ignorant’ me,
the ‘not so care’ me,
the ‘clueless’ me,
the ‘stupid’ me,
the ‘reckless’ me

the ‘super darn stagnan’ me
but its me in my own way, the way of ‘oddy’

do I ever cross ur mind? oh crap I do this again,its called complaining…
I’ve gotta stop this

again to be blame,
again to be the one who take over ‘mr.mistake’
huff.. why do I have so…
aaargghh still complaining I suppose

I really sorry to all reader
,this just a little,argh whatever u called it…


3 thoughts on “cross mind correlation (CMC)

  1. odi..kerenan gini kmana2…….
    jadi lebi nandain klo ini blog cowok..
    knp ga dr dulu aja si,, maap yak nulisnya dsni, jd ga nyambung..
    lagian kan klo background nya item, fotonya lebi tampiiillllllll…..
    apalagi yg ada akyunyaaaa….

  2. @babay: thx dude, yet I still have to be more patient

    @ditha: iye neeh baru ngulik2 dikit, ntar klo ada yang lebih keren lagi ganti dah.. haha

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