kids these day

it’s a long story and no picture attach so if you’re bored just close this tab.

lately I’ve been talking to older guy all the time it’s like I’m swallowed in future vortex,
so yeaa my new career want me transferred from my base town to a slightly remote area in Rumbai Pekanbaru, working with the upmost skilled person in chevron company to assist them in finding fossil fuel throughout the Sumatra Basin
the word skilled means years of experience also mean they are older, in terms of knowledge I must bust my ass just to understand what they mean.
also sometimes they ask “what year are you graduate?” , “where do you study?”,
“how long have you been using this software?”, “are you geologist or Geophysicist?” dudeee I know I’m young (compare to those guys) and cute but don’t underestimated me like that.. hahaha

okay enough for the story, the bottom line is they talked about picking up their child afterschool, or having lunch time at home.
just how they taught their child.

remind me of kids these days back in Jkt, where they’re bragging how fancy his car was, bragging about his new phone, or bragging about traveling abroad. but not with their own money!
yea I know your dad super rich and famous but please don’t make fool of yourself.

I once wrote

The wealth just giving this world a spoiled generation, they have everything while they’re lack of tolerance, cant even socialize with other people, dont have manner, and they all bossy. Trust me you would punch them in the face, throw tomatos at that punched face, then hit them with golf stick..

it giving me teary eyes when I told story about once a kid back in school year doesn’t have that many resources in his life but he struggle then got success in present day, sometimes the strongest will of power is not self motivate.
it was your neighborhood, your surroundings, your environment.

how freakin poor you are if you’re hangin out with socialite then you would do anything just to dress like them or go out to fancy place like them, even change your name just to be acknowledge by your fancy friend, this just absolute pathetic.

on the contrary, you rich spoiled kids were put into slum then learn how to eat on the side of waste disposal, or how to do your own laundry at riverside, even sleep on the floor.

you will adapt, not change. because people don’t change. The nature of human being, they’re adapting.

Just throw yourself into what kind of any situation you DONT belong to, or you DONT want to, or you DONT even like, you will adapt..
That applies for more over billion years, from neanderthal to homo sapien.

Its not change or die
Its Adapt or die.

I might have sound like your dad yelling at you, telling story that you don’t even understand, giving example that you even won’t give a damn.

yeaa once again this is my blog, I’ll write what I want to write… hahahha

Oddy A. Pranidhana


3 thoughts on “kids these day

  1. “how freakin poor you are if you’re hangin out with socialite then you would do anything just to dress like them or go out to fancy place like them”

    Perhaps,wee can put this as some kind of “identity crisis”,and sometimes identity crisis is just…unbelieveably ridiculous.

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