Hello Rumbai

Kids, by the end of 2012 your dad was transfered to slightly remote place called, Rumbai.. Notably 9 km from pekanbaru..

I told you about pak allen earlier in my post, so here’s how the story begin…

In september 2012 I’m struggling for my resign from my previous office, and finally got my resignation by end of september. I join the new office as new recruit by october then flown over to pekanbaru.. The first person I met was pak Allen, yap he’s my driver..

Its company rule that in rumbai and pekanbaru I was forbid to drive car by myself.. So thats the story how I met him, everyday picking me up for work, driving me back home and else..

But kids, I notice how small rumbai and pekanbaru so I decided to buy a bicycle.. Then give it a try for my 1st run


Rumbai and pekanbaru is seperated by a large river, said to be the deepest river in Indonesia.. Even a ferry could come..


The rest was just a view picture i take in rumbai, so kids.. I’ll take you to rumbai sometimes..






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