Reducing Uncertainty

witing tresno jalaran soko kulino, this phrase has been proven for decade…

its high school all over again, new encounter, awkward moment, keeping the frequent chat every day, hoping to open with each other.. just don’t take the hope to high

Something Worth the wait,

reducing uncertainty always perform in many ways, such as doctor, medical term of reducing uncertainty is called diagnose, why they have MRI or Xray and any other sophisticated tool, is to help them reduce uncertainty so they will only treat patient as the illness they had, not giving the wrong prescription or medicine.

so does Geophysicist why we use big pile of dynamite for seismic or paying such great amount of dollar to use software? so we can diagnose beneath the earth reducing the uncertainty so they don’t drill in the wrong place.

people develop certain defence mechanism for reducing uncertainty, so when they meet someone they will be filled with question, does he came from a good family? does he have a good educational background? or does he smoke? does he drink alcohol? or else.. when it already passes, then come in the conversation..does he good enough? or does he selfish? does he polite?

the 2nd phase is the parent reducing uncertainty method.

this is the hard one, the agonizing method, when the person has already slide through our defence then it must be meeting with the parent, in any other way is really breathtaking, either you pass through or bump into something, in javanese culture we have what we called “bibit bebet bobot” its all about reducing uncertainty. they usually ask where do you study? what discipline are you taking? where do you work now? is it outsource or permanent employment? thats not it, it will continue with some question about the parents also.. how’s your dad? where did he work? or how many sibling do I have? and else.. but its not the end, you still have to comply with attending the family event or running some errand that the parent ask.

thats why indian people have the matchmaking tradition, so they will cut through the reducing uncertainty method. because the parent already knew each other.

but despite all that, people wherever they lived whoever they are whatever they do, they always have these reducing uncertainty method. it always down to the family, if it not goes well with the family, then go find someone else.


Oddy A. Pranidhana


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